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Your Social Staking Platform

Attic.Pool is a one-stop staking solution that focuses primarily on PoS cryptocurrencies. We share rewards with those who delegate us!

Why choose us?


Top-Notch Gear

High-performance servers, broadband channels and advanced network topology allow us to show 99.9% uptime and generate blocks really fast


Proven Track Record

The team behind Attic.Pool is Attic Lab, a TOP-21 EOS block producer and a developer of Codex.one crypto exchange


Automatic Payouts

All payouts are calculated and processed automatically, so you receive your portion of reward immediately after we generate a block.


Examples of coins we are involved in



We are running a delegation service. More information here tezos.atticpool.com



We will be adding Ethereum as soon as it switches to POS. More details are coming soon.



We have a Waves node. You can lease your tokens to us - 3P7JY8d67v9vpV2fq8ZTJPLFPtUmMffL7md



We are currently a candidate to become a Servi Node. You can support us with your votes here Attic Lab IOST


Who we are?

Attic Pool is a team of tech-savvy blockchain developers and enthusiasts who run nodes on PoS blockchains for you. We take care of all technical stuff, so you never miss a chance to generate a block!


Earn more together

The odds of generating a block in PoS blockchains depends on the number of coins you possess. Pool together with other members of Attic Pool and boost your rewards!

Our team

A former software engineer with thorough knowledge in finance, now Serhii is CEO at Attic Lab. A wide range of business and technical skills allows him to manage complex software projects. As a founder of Attic Pool, Serhii is involved in business development and strategic planning.
Serhii VasylchukFounder
Vlad studied computer science and software engineering at School 42 (Fremont, CA). His previous experience in consulting and research yielded in an in-depth knowledge of both the business and technical sides of blockchain technology. At Attic Pool, Vlad is in charge of marketing and sales
Vlad MakarovMarketing Director
Bohdan holds Master’s degree in Physics. After many years of successful experience in project management, SMM and UI/UX design, Bohdan joined Attic Lab. As a lead designer, he developed UX/UI for Codex. His role at Attic Pool distills down to business planning and customer relations.
Bohdan OpryshkoProject Manager